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Compassionate therapy
to move you forward.

Are you feeling stuck?


Maybe you can see where you want to be and don't know how to get there, or maybe you just feel totally lost. 

Are you finding yourself repeating old patterns, or in habits that you just know aren't helpful, but don't seem to be able to stop? Maybe you're avoiding things in life because it just feels too much. 


Is there something you really could do with talking about, but you've been putting it off or you just aren't sure where to start?


If that's you, we can help

Dr Charis Green, Clinical Psychologist and Animal Assisted Therapist 

Hello, I am Charis. Welcome to Beyond the Clinic Room. 


As a Clinical Psychologist, I know that therapy can really help. I also know that starting therapy can be a big step, and finding a therapist can be hard. We feel most able to learn and grow when we feel safe and cared about. Therapy needs to feel the right fit for you.


If you need a straight talking, kind (and human!) therapist to help you get to where you want to be - you are in the right place.

How we can help

How we can help

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Specialist Online Therapy

Want specialist therapy at a time and place to suit you, with no travel or waiting rooms? Grab a cup of tea, get comfy and let's get moving. 

Animal Assisted Therapy

Experience the therapeutic power of animals along with the healing of evidence based therapy in our canine assisted therapy and equine assisted therapy

EMDR Therapy

Our past can show up in the present, even when we are desperately trying to leave it behind. EMDR can help us process our experiences, and help our mind and body understand that the past is in the past, and let us move forward.

Current Availability

I am currently at capacity for weekly canine assisted therapy and online therapy sessions. I have limited availability for intensive therapy sessions.



Face to face Animal Assisted Therapy sessions with Jara the Therapy Dog are currently held in Kings Cross, Central London on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 


I also offer specialist therapy across the UK online on Friday mornings. 

I will have availability for Equine Assisted EMDR intensive sessions in Spring 2024. Find out more here. 


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