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Coming to therapy and opening up to a stranger can feel daunting. It might be that these are things you haven't ever spoken about before, or that still feel really hard to talk about and make sense of.

Imagine coming to therapy and having the soft ears of a dog to stroke. Or a dog sitting on your lap. A dog that you absolutely know accepts you for being you. 

Therapy Dog Jara is very experienced in working alongside Dr Charis in therapy sessions. She acts as a soft, safe and calming presence, and has an amazing way of seeming to know what people need.

Sessions will use the same therapy models as Dr Charis would generally use in practice, alongside Jara.

Dr Charis is particularly interested in offering Canine Assisted EMDR.  In EMDR we are holding in mind the past, present and future, and have 'one foot in the past and one foot in the present'. Working with therapy dog Jara in EMDR helps clients to feel both safe enough to explore the past, and to stay grounded in the present moment. (See more about EMDR therapy). 

If you are unsure if therapy feels the right fit for you, Jara hopes to be able to

persuade you. 

Canine Assisted Therapy sessions are held in Kings Cross, Central London on

Monday and Wednesday day time.


Session costs are £140.

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