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Online Therapy Sessions

Specialist therapy online - make a cup of tea, get comfy and move forward.

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Beyond the Clinic Room - Animal Assisted Therapy

Why Online Therapy?


Online therapy means you can do sessions wherever suits you best - you can have the things that feel comforting to you around, with no travel or waiting rooms. You can also pick the right therapist for you from right across the UK - you aren't limited to who is local. 

Face to face therapy can feel overwhelming; therapy online can allow you to work with your own pace without the pressure of attending in person. We will always make sure to help you feel grounded and present before ending the session, the same as we would in any session. 


We really encourage people to bring their own pets into online therapy and very much enjoy meeting the variety of animals clients have at home - we can then use your own pets as part of the therapy (who are then with you all week!) Jara sometimes likes to join via the screen. 


Online therapy also allows us to use and practice the skills you are learning directly where you are - this can often make it much more likely for these skills to become part of your everyday life.


Dr Charis is experienced in using EMDR therapy online - this has been found to work as well online as in person, and for some people can feel a better fit. 

Online sessions are held on Friday mornings. 


Online therapy session costs are £130.

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