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Are you a therapist hoping to use a therapy dog?
Not sure where to start?

I am Dr Charis, a Clinical Psychologist and Animal Assisted Therapist with experience in working with therapy dogs both within NHS, private and voluntary settings, who works alongside Therapy Dog Jara.


I know first hand the challenges and the pitfalls of being an Animal Assisted Therapist, and can help you navigate the process to see the huge benefits of dogs in therapy work.

How can I help you?

As an experienced Animal Assisted Therapist, I can help you as think about the process of working alongside a dog in therapy right from setting up, to working therapeutically with a dog in the room. 


I can help you as a therapist think through:

  • Understanding characteristics, skills and temperament needed for a therapy dog

  • Therapy Dog assessment

  • Risk assessment and insurance

  • Setting expectations for the setting you are in

  • Logistics for animal assisted sessions

  • Working therapeutically with a dog in sessions

  • Canine ethics and welfare in therapy work 

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