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Equine Assisted Therapy 

Individual therapy sessions partnered with Dr Charis Green and our therapy horse team. These sessions follow the Equilateral Equine Assisted - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) model, and integrate other therapy models as appropriate.

See more about Equilateral Equine Assisted EMDR therapy here. Beyond the Clinic Room is the first UK provider of the Equilateral EMDR model.


Sessions involve a mixture of direct work alongside the horses, and clinic/online session to embed and integrate therapeutic progress. Sessions will involve time both directly in with the horses and observing the horses/herd. There is no pressure to spend time directly with horses straight away, and this can be taken entirely at your own pace.

Please note unfortunately we currently have no equine assisted therapy spaces available. We hope to reopen our waiting list later in the year

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