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Jara the Therapy Dog

Jara originally came to the UK as a rescue. There is a lot we don't know about her history, but know that she was used as a hunting dogs across three homes in Spain. When she was picked up as a rescue and taken into a foster home, she was underweight, and it was clear that she'd had some difficult experiences.

When Jara came to Dr Charis, it was quickly clear that she was a very special dog. Despite her difficult past, she was incredibly affectionate, and adored people. Her confidence continued to grow, and it was clear that there was very little she was phased by. 

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Jara passed her assessment with flying colours from Therapy Dogs Nationwide, and continues her hard work volunteering with them, visiting care homes, hospitals and other settings. She has also enjoyed representing Therapy Dogs Nationwide at Crufts. 

Jara also works alongside Dr Charis in the NHS, and has supported the organisation in implementing therapy dogs more widely. 

Jara adores her work in Beyond the Clinic Room, and is delighted to see her clients each session. 

When she isn't working, Jara enjoys long walks, sausages and cuddles on the sofa. 

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